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Pay What You Want Game Design Bundle

In a similar vein to the Humble Bundle, this course offers a variety of products bundled into a Pay What You Want package.

Interference: 2D Cyberpunk Stealth

If, like me, you’re a huge fan of cyberpunk sci-fi, you’ll love everything about Interference. Created in Unity 3.5, Interference is a stunning throw back to 2D platformers like Another World and Flashback.

Learn Unity 2D Launches!

In Unity 4.3, the engine added native 2D workflows, including Sprites, animation and physics, amongst other improvements. This is bringing all manner of new users to the world of Unity game development, which is great for the community, but to keep users happy, we at Learn Unity have decided to launch a dedicated 2D site to grab all the 2D tutorials and resources into one place.

Unity Pluralsight Course

Unity Developer Alex Zanfir has teamed up with Pluralsight, the online training resource, to create a course on Unity. During the course you’ll learn about creating a first person game with creepy attacking spiders.

Unity Live Training

Unity official Learn area has launched a gritty reboot of its Live training channel. There was a live training service the past few years, but this was put on hold whilst new options for broadcast were sought. The new channel uses Twitch.tv to broadcast, and is embedded on the Unity site so you can join live without signing up, which was a pain point of the old training system that used Adobe connect.

Roll-a-ball : Great Starter Tutorial

The official Unity learning channel has released a great overview starter tutorial for users to get started just making a game with Primitive shapes. This tutorial is voiced by forum legend TheAntRanch and he does a great job explaining the first few things you should learn getting into Unity.

Unite Nordic Keynote

Unite Nordic kicks off this week and in addition to the announcement of free mobile development, other exciting parts of the keynote include new features being moved into the free version, and some of the additions to Unity 4.2 that’s currently in beta and due for release soon.

Unity Mobile Development Now FREE!

As of today, Unity has announced that it’s basic products for developing for mobile – that means iOS, Android, and soon Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry (currently in beta) will all be available to export to as part of the Free version.

51 Things Every Game Development Student Should Know

This fantastic list of things a developer should know is both incisive and funny, but crammed with absolute common sense.

E-VR – Eve Online + Unity + Occulus Rift

If you’ve been hiding under a rock the past year, you probably haven’t heard of the VR headset that is sweeping the tech and game industry right now – the Occulus Rift. In the past few months, dev kits have been arriving on desks around the globe, and some amazing projects are emerging..

Official Unity Tutorials are here!

In case you missed the launch back in March, Unity Technologies have just launched the first drop of their ‘Learn’ project – a series of tutorial modules, and a larger project called ‘Stealth’. Go there directly now…

Unity 4.1 Released

Some of the Highlights include the addition of a full memory profiler, a custom material inspector, 2D blend nodes for the new Mecanim animation system plus support for Apple Airplay, and lots of smaller features and stability additions.

Year Walk – Gorgeous 2D First Person Adventure

Simogo, developer of the awesome award winning Beat Sneak Bandit have now released their latest game – Year Walk. They’ve been promising something special for a while, and they’ve definitely delivered.

Richard Garriott returns to RPG making with Unity

Legendary Ultima creator Richard Garriott, aka ‘Lord British’ makes his return to RPG creation with Shroud of the Avatar, and is blazing his way through a $1m Kickstarter to fund it.

At the time of writing, Garriott’s firm ‘Portalarium’ have reached $650,000 from over 10,000 backers!