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Tron Legacy LightCycles

In this beautiful new Unity game to tie in with new Disney awesome-fest ‘Tron Legacy’, the developers have really pulled out all the stops to get amazing visuals and recreate the visual style of the movie in a web deployed game you can play right now on the Disney site. Try one lap around the track and you’ll soon be hooked!


If you don’t have time to play right now, watch the trailer below, it should be plenty to whet your appetite!


    That is fantastic! I think that this shows a whole different look from Unity. It looks really HD in the website with all the glows and specular highlights. Who did the work on this?

  • There seems to be a problem with the light disc game

  • The game was produced by SilverTree Media, in Palo Alto.

  • Thanks! I’ve withdrawn my guess from earlier!

  • Great game indeed!

    You might also like Tron Lightcycle Experience, also built with Unity, for the European campaign of the movie:


  • Also check out Multiplayer Disc Battle, on the tron games portal as well ;)

  • Wow~what a game. Silvertree has taken Unity to Infinity And Beyond! Great! What else is this company working on?

  • how do you even not have it on guest and on your account name?

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