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BattleHeart by Mika Mobile

battle heart 2d unity gameMika Mobile, well known in Unity development circles for their titles Zombieville USA and OMG! Pirates! have yet again delivered the goods on their latest iOS title, BattleHeart.

Making great use of Unity’s development pipeline to all iOS devices, the game is out now for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. A more in depth game than their previous work, BattleHeart is an RPG that reminds me of a mix of Advance Wars (though its realtime and not turn based) and Castle Crashers – the latter more thanks to the art style. The fantastic use of 2D visuals that Mika Mobile create have also been stepped up in this latest title, with beautiful effects done in their meticulous textured plane style.

More on the workflow of Mika Mobile can be seen here.

Here’s a trailer of BattleHeart, witness the awesome yourself!

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