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Smuggle Truck 2D Techniques Talk

how to setup 2d ios iphone games in unityThe guys at Owlchemy labs provide this excellent talk and associated materials from their game Smuggle Truck – soon to be released for Mac, PC, and iOS.

This talk covers some fascinating workflow discussions of how their game is put together in Unity and is one such example, along with the recent Book Bugs! dev diary from Quickfingerz that you should really be paying attention to if you are making games in 2D with Unity. Take a look at the Youtube footage below, and then check out the owlchemy labs blog post with links to their giveaway scripts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


    A phenomenal discussion on Unity and it’s integration into what looks to be a blockbuster game! Thanks for sharing this Learn Unity 3D and thanks to the Owlchemy Labs gang for the information. Brass Monkey looks awesome!


  • Very insightful ! Thanks for posting.


  • Way da go guys! Very informative and an eye-opener to how easy game development will be in the future! Good luck with your game! A great publicity stunt as well!

  • Yeah, really interested in the potential of Brass Monkey – that looks like it has a LOT of potential!

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