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Urgent! Support Robots Love Ice Cream!

robots love ice cream kickstarter support projectNow this headline could be misread without punctuation – no I am not telling you that supportive robots enjoy Ice Cream, I’m asking you to support an awesome project by Addo Games, aka Burton and Becca Posey – who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them finish this innovative iPad game they’re creating in Unity.

Visit the project directly here…

Kickstarter is a fantastic site being used all over the world to crowd source support and funding for various small to large scale projects. Seeing it in use for Addo’s fledgling game is perfect – and it’ll allow you to support the team and also receive goodies when the game is ready. Take a look at the video below and consider donating to the project, the world needs this game!! You can follow the Poseys on Twitter for updates on this project –



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