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Pay What You Want Game Design Bundle

In a similar vein to the Humble Bundle, this course offers a variety of products bundled into a Pay What You Want package.

Learn Unity 2D Launches!

In Unity 4.3, the engine added native 2D workflows, including Sprites, animation and physics, amongst other improvements. This is bringing all manner of new users to the world of Unity game development, which is great for the community, but to keep users happy, we at Learn Unity have decided to launch a dedicated 2D site to grab all the 2D tutorials and resources into one place.

Unity Pluralsight Course

Unity Developer Alex Zanfir has teamed up with Pluralsight, the online training resource, to create a course on Unity. During the course you’ll learn about creating a first person game with creepy attacking spiders.

Unity Live Training

Unity official Learn area has launched a gritty reboot of its Live training channel. There was a live training service the past few years, but this was put on hold whilst new options for broadcast were sought. The new channel uses Twitch.tv to broadcast, and is embedded on the Unity site so you can join live without signing up, which was a pain point of the old training system that used Adobe connect.

Roll-a-ball : Great Starter Tutorial

The official Unity learning channel has released a great overview starter tutorial for users to get started just making a game with Primitive shapes. This tutorial is voiced by forum legend TheAntRanch and he does a great job explaining the first few things you should learn getting into Unity.

51 Things Every Game Development Student Should Know

This fantastic list of things a developer should know is both incisive and funny, but crammed with absolute common sense.

Official Unity Tutorials are here!

In case you missed the launch back in March, Unity Technologies have just launched the first drop of their ‘Learn’ project – a series of tutorial modules, and a larger project called ‘Stealth’. Go there directly now…

Setting up for iOS Development

Spotted this blog post from the awesome Danny Goodayle, in which he’s written up a great starter guide for setting up your machine for iOS development with Unity. He covers everything from Build Settings, to the Apple specific stuff like profiles and certificates that can be really daunting when you start out.

Mecanim animation tutorial online

Unity have released a tutorial to get started with the new animation system – ‘Mecanim’ – in Unity 4.0. Its a long one at 45 minutes but it means you get to see everything from putting in an FBX character and adding controls scripts and even shooting laser eyes!

Digital Tutors Unity tutorials

The experts over at Digital Tutors have been amassing a lot of great quality Unity tutorials in recent times. Some of their stuff is paid for by subscription, but by all accounts its a very slick service, and definitely worth checking out the free ones to see if you like their style. http://www.digitaltutors.com/training/unity-tutorials

Walker Boys tutorials

I saw these guys talk at Unite (Unity conference) last year about their tutorials and their approach and was very impressed at their ethics about teaching. So I wanted to link to these guys and give them a shout out! as they say. Check out their tutorials for a good introduction to Unity – they […]

Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials Book Out Now!

IT IS DONE! After a few technical hitches at the publishing stage, my new book is ready and out now. If you’re interested in learning game development with Unity (or Unity 3D, as its often mis-called!) then I hope you’ll take a look at my book to get yourself rolling. You can grab it from Amazon, amongst other places online, and its available in print, ebook and kindle.

Unity 3.x Development Essentials Pre-Order

Okay folks so slightly biased post coming up just now! I’ve been slaving away over the past … few.. many months to rewrite my Unity book largely from scratch, and finally its nearly done and available to pre-order from Amazon and Packt publishing…..

LUUG London Unity Usergroup 4 talks

For those of you not in London for the Unity usergroup meets there, Unity have posted the talks on their blog – the meetup v4 ‘All your Unity are belong to us’ featured talks by Jasper Stocker, Quickfingers and Richard Fine, without further ado, here are the videos…